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                            Products features:

                            These series of reducers are used for construction hoist. Compared with other kinds of worm transmission form, they have such kinds of advantages since they are using the plane enveloping toroidal worm gear transmission form: Large loading capacity, compact dimensions, high transmission efficiency, smoothness, low noise and long service life.

                            In addition, the housing of these reducers are made of high strength aluminum alloy. So they have the features of high strength and light weight.

                            Products specifications:


                            Model Center DIstance (mm) Ratio Input Power (kW) Input Speed (r/min) Operating duration (%) Net Weight (kg)
                            TU65 125 48/3 11 1400 25 51
                            TU65T♦ 125 48/3 10-16.5 1400 25 51
                            TU66T 125 40/4 16-18.5 1400 25 51
                            TU67 125 42/3 11 1400 25 51
                            TU67T♦ 125 42/3 10-16.5 1400 25 51
                            TU68 125 48/4 16-18.5 1400 25 51


                            Reducers models marked with (♦) are used in Type SC200/200 construction hoist. The above models can all be equipped with a driving gear.



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