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                            Products features:

                            These series of reducers for continuous casting machines are a kind of double-stage transmission reducers. The complex transmission form combined with gear transmission and worm wheel transmission is used for these series of reducers. This kind of transmission structure has the features of large loading capacity, high transmission efficiency and long service life, etc. The housings of these reducers with compact dimensions and good looking are made of resin sand casting. Shaft-mounted structures are used for these series of reducers, they are very easy to be connected with the working machinery.

                            Products specifications:


                            Model Center Distance (mm) Ratio Input Power (kW) Input Speed (r/min)  Transmission Efficiency (%)  Applications 
                            RD-11-7.5 125  7.5  11  1750  90  (1) 
                            RD-11-10.5  125 10.5  11  1750  90  (1)
                            RD-11-12.5  125  12.5  11 1750  89  (1) 
                            RD-4-240  180  240  1500  63  (2) 
                            RD-5.5-200  200  200  5.5  1500  66  (3)
                            RD-5.5-280  200  280  5.5  1500  60  (3) 


                            Hint: (1) Vibration device (2) Pulling-straightening machine (3) Storage device for dummy bar



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