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                            Products features:

                            Reducer of driving device for escalator is a new kind of product developed by our company. These kinds of reducers are assembled with the variable tooth worm gear sets which has obtained the national invention patent (National invention patent No. ZL00133681.9) and US patent (US Patent No. US6176148B1). They have many kinds of advantages, such as: Large loading capacity, high transmission efficiency, smooth functioning and low noise level, etc.

                            Products specifications:


                            Model Center Distance (mm) Ratio Input Power (kW) Input Speed (r/min)
                            FTJ100 L/R 100 49/2 5.5 960
                            FTJ125A L/R 125 49/2 7.5-9 960
                            FTJ125C L/R 125 55/2 7.5-9 1450
                            FTJ160G L/R 125 49/2 8-11 960
                            FTJ160D L/R 140 49/2 8-11 960
                            FTJ160 L/R 160 49/2 11-15 960
                            FTJ180 L/R 180 49/2 15-22 960


                            In the reducer model column, (L) stands for the left output shaft type, (R) stands for the right output shaft type.



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