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                            TsubakiEverbest Gear (Tianjin) Co., LTD. (TEG) was established in 1990. It is a sino-foreign joint venture company which is mainly specializing in designing and manufacturing worm gear reducers. Our company has been designated as the "New High Technology Enterprise" (No. GR201712000348) by Tianjin science and technology commission, Tianjin Finance Bureau, Tianjin Municipal Office and Tianjin Local Taxation Bureau. Authorized by the former State Bureau of Machinery industry, our company had drafted the original version of the Mechanical professional standard of the People's Republic of China JB/T 9051 "Planar Enveloping Worm Gearing Reducers". Now, the lasted version 2010 of this standard is implementing in China.

                            TEG has the advanced theory and technology in the territory of the plane enveloping toroidal worm transmissions. Our company has also obtained national invention patent named Method of forming milled tooth of variable tooth worm. (No. ZL00133681.9) and related US patent. (US6176148B1) We always believe that technology is the main power for the development of a company. As a reason of that, cooperated with German Klingelnberg company, TEG developed five sets of HNC35TP worm grinding machines which were equipped with 10 CNC axis and 4 simultaneously working axis for manufacturing our products.

                            In order to match these high precision equipment, our company had imported several models of gear hobbing machines and numbers of CNC machining centers. We also equipped with imported meshing analysis equipment and 3-D high precision measuring machine. In addition, our company had setup the computer-aided experiment rig, friction and wear testing laboratory, noise and vibration analysis system, etc. for completely testing the performance of our products.

                            The plane enveloping toroidal worm reducers produced by our company can achieve Grade 5 of the Mechanical professional standard JB/T9051. These reducers have many kinds of advantages, such as: high transmission efficiency, large loading capacity, low noise level as well as high precision, etc. These high precision and low noise reducers and worm gear sets are not only sold in the domestic market; they have also been exported to many countries in the world.

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