Here I am with two of the loves of my life: my niece and nephew.

Hi, I’m Sophie – or, if you’re feeling verbally voracious and want to go for that extra syllable: Sophia. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of six and over the proceeding 26 years of living with the disease, I have ignored it, I have denounced it, I have rued it, I have even, on the very rare occasion, cherished it, but it has never left my side. That the disease and I are inextricably linked is a source of immense fascination for me. ‘Who am I’ in the face of diabetes is an existential question that keeps me up at night The question of what role chronic disease in general and diabetes in specific plays in identity is one that I addressed in my Master’s dissertation. It was this Master’s degree – in Health, Community, and Development at the London School of Economics – that precipitated my move from the US to the UK in 2007 and I have lived in London ever since. I live with my partner, who for the sake of anonymity (just because I want to bear my soul to the online community, doesn’t mean he has to), I will refer to as Sugar Daddy, not because he bank rolls me but because he’s better at dealing with the vagaries and capriciousness of my blood sugar than I am. Poor Sugar Daddy is not the only recipient of my unconditional love – he shares that honor (burden?) with my niece and nephew, who are pictured above.
Although I’ve lived with type 1 diabetes most of my life, it’s only recently that the long term consequences of not always having it under control have come to bear.  I’ve come to the realization that I need to finally follow doctors’ order and get my HbA1c down. I’ve decided to keep this blog to chronicle my path in getting my blood sugar down and perhaps this process won’t only document the journey, but will even help in getting to 7.

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