New job jitters, take two, post script



Blood sugar: my new bull s**t meter

Blood sugar: my new bull s**t meter


‘I’ve got this, no biggie, I feel as cool as a cucumb’ – brrrrmmmm, brrrmmmmm. Wait, what’s this interrupting my internal pep talk as I stride into the office? Oh, it’s just my insulin pump alerting me to the fact that my blood sugar is 16 mmol – about twice as high as it normally is at 8:00 in the morning.  As I’ve noted before, type 1 diabetes and discernible patterns are not always bedfellows but a reading of 16 mmol at that hour is a little unusual. Especially as I’ve eaten the same breakfast (porridge with yogurt, peanut butter, and strawberries) as I do every weekday morning and taken the same insulin dose as I always do with that breakfast (2.6 units). Now, it could have been many things (less sleep than I thought, an air bubble in the insulin tube) but I have a sneaking suspicion that nerves related to starting the new job caused the precipitous rise in blood sugar.  As frustrating as high blood sugar is, especially when I want to be at my physical best on hour 1, day 1 of a new job, I can’t help but doff my cap to my blood sugar’s ability to act as a barometer of my true mood, the mood that all the pep talks in the world can’t mask.

Post scripts’ post script: On my sister, Daphne’s urging, I have entered the ballot for the London Marathon 2017. So maybe my marathon musings were more than just musings.

One thought on “New job jitters, take two, post script

  1. So now the next big decision in your life is whether or not you are putting your name on your running shirt.
    Keeping a blog is a kind of endurance training In itself.
    Good work my lovely sis!

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