New job jitters, take two

Up or down?

Up or down?

I’ve done it again. I’m willingly placing myself far outside my comfort zone. Just when I was finally getting my sea legs at my job, I go and get a new one. Albeit, at the same company. Albeit, only for a one-year secondment. While the role from which I’m departing was a traditional primary research healthcare management role, tomorrow I will be joining the thought leadership team where my main responsibility will be identifying trends in the healthcare and pharmaceutical market. Although starting a new job is always daunting, this one seems less so than the last time I started a new role (and I should remember given that it was less than a year ago). Clearly a huge factor for this is that I’m at the same company – I already know where to make tea and where to find the loo – but I believe that the work is a more natural fit for me.

I’ve always had a penchant for patterns and an eye for trends (mostly of the fashion variety, but still) and doing this for my day job seems thrilling and almost too-good-to-be-true. Over the bank holiday weekend I’ve been pondering where my particular love of patterns comes from (other than the simple fact I’m a human and humans love a pattern) and I wonder if it is partially borne out of managing diabetes for almost 30 years. Trying to eke out even a semblance of a pattern or a rhythm from the capriciousness of daily blood sugars can make it a lot easier to manage and surely by now I must be hard wired to pattern recognition.

Even if this argument linking diabetes and pattern recognition is tenuous, I’m going to go with it. I’m often lamenting all the ways in which diabetes is a downward pull on my career ambitions. By potentially strengthening my pattern recognition abilities – the core skill needed for my new role – it’s heartening to think that a near lifetime with diabetes is helping, not hindering, my career prospects.


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