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While waiting for some very fast people

While waiting for some very fast people

Something odd happened while watching the London Marathon today: I thought ‘I want to run this’. In all of the many years of watching marathons, this thought has never crossed my mind. While I’m not going to start a training programme tomorrow, I am going to mull over this thought for a while and see if it develops into something stronger and more tangible, or if it quietly floats away like so many of my ideas. In any case, I’m going to view this openness to running the marathon as a testament to a more positive attitude to living with type 1 diabetes. I suspect that the previous revulsion to the concept of running a marathon has largely been rooted in a fear of low, and to some extent, high blood sugar and managing one’s blood sugar during the training and the actual event seems impossibly overwhelming. I also have a disdain of the whole, ‘I have a disability but I overcame it with this bonkers activity’. Must we all be superman/woman? But given the work I’ve already been doing to maintain my health over the past few years, the effort to maintain my diabetes while training for a marathon seems incremental as opposed to exponential. In other words, it’s not that much more work to manage a very long run. Of course, I say that only hours after just the excitement of watching people run 26.2 miles caused my blood sugar to rise. Well, it won’t be easy. But is it worth it?

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