The first sweep of the cobwebs





Even the sun made a rare London appearance for this vernal equinox

Even the sun made a rare London appearance for the vernal equinox

If the first day of spring isn’t a reason to dust off the cobwebs and start writing again, then I don’t know what is. I’m trying to identify why I’ve been so reluctant to write here over the winter. It’s ironic, as my blood sugar has been more stable and controlled than ever and you would think that I would want to bellow the good news from the roof tops. But I think my hesitation to write is emblematic of my ambivalent relationship to my health. I’m constantly equivocating about how seriously to take diabetes and devoting a blog to my experience with the disease is the ultimate sign that I’m taking it, and myself, seriously. But in my many moments of self doubt I can’t help but wonder I am taking it too seriously. It can feel a little entitled sometimes. It’s just type 1 diabetes, after all.┬áBut then I’m quickly reminded that when I pay closer attention to my health and give it credence and respect, I tend to have better control of it. And if the blog is an outward sign of a successful inward reckoning with self worth,┬áthen I better keep on writing. Let’s just hope I don’t start bellowing from the roof tops anytime soon.