The scene of the crime. Thank you Don & Bessie Willington, we are forever indebted to you

The scene of the crime. Thank you Don & Bessie Willington, we are forever indebted to you


Blood Sugar: 4.8 mmol or 86 mg/dl

There are two topics that are competing for my attention lately. One fun, one not so fun. I’ll focus on the fun one today and eventually, if I can face it, write about the not-so-fun topic.
The fun topic is that someday, in the not too far future, I will be Mrs. Sugar Daddy (but only unofficially, as I won’t be changing my name)! When Sugar Daddy proposed to me, in Kew Gardens – see bench in photo – I actually cried with happiness. And although this happiness is still very much real and accessible, now that the initial euphoria has abated, when thinking about getting married, I also want to cry with fear. And this isn’t solely due to the fact that I’ve been married before (I’ll save that story for a rainy day), but more a function of how living with diabetes adds an extra layer, to most, if not all of our life’s experiences.

Short term, planning a wedding is stressful and we’ll be doing it while I’m still getting comfortable with a new and very demanding job. Stress always drives my blood sugar up, up, and away so I will have to manage this carefully.

Getting married means that the prospect of having a child is much stronger. And the prospect of giving birth means that getting to a HbA1c of 7, or preferably lower MUST become a reality.

Who knew that getting engaged to be married would be a catalyst to a stronger engagement with my disease?

For anyone questioning my sense of humour, I acknowledge, that despite this post’s introduction, it ended up being about as much fun as sticking a pen in your eye. Aren’t you glad that I didn’t go with the ‘not fun’ topic?