Easter lunch table

I promise, we served more food than this. Nourishment may come from love, but it also comes from, well, food.



Blood sugar: 11 mmol or 218 mg/dl

You know what stinks for a kid with diabetes? Easter. You know what rocks for an adult with diabetes? Easter. As a child, happiness is one more chocolate egg. As an adult, you realize that said chocolate egg will only satisfy you for so long and the conduit to real fulfillment is a little less concrete and simple. In church yesterday, the most important thing that the rector said (or at least the most important thing the rector said during the brief time that I was actually paying attention) was that love is sustenance. Doggone it, he is right!

It’s then no wonder that I’m filled to the brim and completely nourished as the long Easter weekend comes to an end. This weekend was all about spending time with close family and friends, all of whom are instrumental in keeping me sane and on track when it comes to diabetes. On Friday, Sugar Daddy and I had lunch with some of our most hilarious, intelligent, and supportive friends: Ninjeri and Alastair (who cooked the most amazing feast of pintxos), and Dana and Travis and their two very cute kids.
And then on Saturday, our friend Annabel – who has helped me through many a dark patch and is a constant source of laughter, warmth, support, and reading recommendations- my sister Daphne and her husband, Jonathan (I would need a whole book to explain their importance), and my niece and nephew – a.k.a love of my life #2 and 3 – came over for lunch.

And the best part about fulfillment via time spent with family and friends is that it doesn’t raise my blood sugar, unlike those pesky chocolate eggs.